Church Officers

Kelly M. Smith Jr., Pastor


Beverly M. Brown, Chair
Martin Currie, Vice Chair
Richard Dinkins, Secretary
Carol Boone, Asst. Secretary
Ernest Dismuke
Adrienne Fancher
Emmitt Hayes
Derek Howard
Ronald McFarland Sr.
Sunny Owunnah
Brian Wood
Pamela Wood


Valerie Hayes, Chair
Robert Greene, Vice-Chair
Benita Lynch, Secretary
Robert Boone
Kenneth Cory
Zelma C. Ewing
Johnny Holmes
Ryann King
David Jones
Paul Luter

Deacons Emeriti

James Collier
Ivan Davis
Charles B. Fancher
Fred Jones Jr.
Vernell Currie Neely

Trustees Emeriti

William McDaniel
Paul E. Robertson
Walter Vincent


Pastor Kelly M. Smith Jr., Ministry of Stewardship Management
Rev. Dr. Arrold N. Martin, Assistant to the Pastor
Zelma Ewing, Ministry of Worship
Rev. Joe Ella Darby, Ministry of Discipleship
Deacon Derek Howard, Outreach
Deacon Beverly Brown and Felecia Johnson, Congregational Care
Nicole Alexander and Anita Greene, Christian Education
Kathy Harrell and David Jones, Community Care


Rev. Dr. Arrold N. Martin, Assistant to the Pastor
Rev. Joe Ella Darby
Rev. Dr. Edith Kimbrough