There two class offerings for our Wednesday Night Live! Bible study.
This adult discussion group will focus on applying God’s word to modern day circumstances and situations. There will be a new topic for discussion each week. This class is open to anyone 18 and up. So grab your bible, call a few friends, and join us in this exciting discussion series.
The current week’s lesson can be found by clicking here. The lesson will be available by the Monday before each class meeting.
To join us via video conference, click here.
For audio only,  Dial: 312-626-6799 Code: 854766197#
Our second Wednesday Night Live! session offering is “New Testament Essentials: Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom”. 
This study is organized as a part of the Essentials series and follows a format similar to Greg Ogden’s Discipleship Essentials and Tremper Longman III’s Old Testament Essentials. This volume has three parts: the first focuses on the person and work of the Lord Jesus, the second focuses on the person and work of the Spirit in the church’s mission in the world, and the third finds its focus on the overarching theme of the kingdom of God as it is present and still to come in the fullness of time as we know it.
To join us via video conference by click here.
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