What We Believe

We believe the following…

Believer’s Baptism In a regenerate membership safeguarded by baptism on the personal profession of faith. “Baptism is a decisive, once-for-all event, which marks the entrance into a new life in Christ. The Lord’s Supper is intended to be repeated frequently and symbolizes the sustaining of that life by Christ. One denotes the beginning of a new relationship and the other – the maintaining of a vital relationship between Christ and the church .
The Lord’s Supper The elements of bread and wine point to the body and blood of Christ. As visible symbols which reinforce the gospel preached in words, they remind Christians of the incarnation, of which the high points were death, burial, resurrection, and exaltation”. (A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice, by Maring and Hudson, pp. 136-138).
Congregational Polity That the local congregation has the power and competency to govern its own affairs and that interdependence is recognized in the voluntary association with denominational and interdenominational bodies.
Separation of Church and State In the separation of church and state.
The Holy Scriptures
In the Holy Scriptures as the rule of faith and practice for our church and our lives.